Documentation for eInteractive


Welcome to eInteractive! eInteractive is a library of software components that address the specific needs of interactive applications. Some of the planned components will be usable for console applications as well as for system with a graphical use interface while others will provide mechanisms that are especially useful for console applications. eInteractive is written in Eiffel.

The design of this library tries to achieve several goals:

  1. Reusability
    The components of this library as well as its constituing parts are designed to provide maximum reusability.

  2. Platform-independence
    The library is designed to run on every platform.

  3. Data-structure library independence
    This goal is achieved by introducing an abstraction layer that provides a library-independent interface to basic data container types. Currently, the libraries EiffelBase and GOBO are supported.

  4. Compiler independence
    The library should be usable with any Eiffel compiler. This is partly achieved by supporting the use of the GOBO library.

The library was tested with ISE Eiffel 4.4 under Linux and Windows. It also should work with any other Eiffel compilers that are compliant to the standard defined by the NICE organization. If you have problems using this library, please send a feedback.

The current version of this library is: eInteractive-0.3